We're all looking for an out

Hey there,

Today I want to discuss the inevitable moment when some of the technology industry's top talent begins to ditch it for green pastures.

It's an idea I've been sitting on for a while now. That people, like you and I, will one day hang up our keyboards (🤷) in favour of switching their careers entirely. That they'll leave the industry, looking to remove the benevolent OLED displays behind.

Think about it: we're here, building apps, websites, discussing "user experience" and unlocking a whole new world. A new world, which gives us superpowers. Like being able to make almost anything you need appear in your hands in about three hours. All by tapping a few times on a piece of glass.

But also one where we're yet to find the true cost of our spoils. We have no idea of the impact we're creating. How it'll affect the planet, the human race, you, or I.

It's telling that those running tech behemoths don't want their children using their own creations.

The question is, why do we persist?

Sure, there's a level of comfort that comes with working in this industry. I'm living with that comfort too. You could argue that I'm contradicting myself by writing this newsletter. All while I continuing to build my own start up. But that's why I'm building a business to help people reduce the time they spend working. That's why, in building this business, we're making sure we practice what we preach and put our wellbeing at the top of our priority list.

My theory today is we're all looking for an out. We persist today to prepare for tomorrow. To give ourselves financial stability, so we can live more comfortably when we remove ourselves from the industry. When we choose to live the slow life.

I know that's the case for me. I know one day, I'll pack it all in. I'll choose something where I don't need a computer or a phone to live. Perhaps I'll become a barista.

I'm curious though—how does this apply to you too? How would you escape the grind? Hit reply and send me your thoughts.

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