Timo preannouncement twitter antics (8th Jan)

We did a little experiment to "pre-announce" Timo to the world. I mean, we've been live for over two years. We've been tweeting about our progress for the last 12 months. We've been hitting that thing with screenshots as we go. But never from the official account, and never in a thought out manner.

We wanted to get a glimpse of what will happen on launch day. Given we started sending beta invites to our mailing list last week, we thought it time to show Timo off a little more.

I wrote a thread. Jordan made some snazzy videos. We sent it. And here are the results:

  • 6232 impressions
  • 386 engagements (6.19% of impressions)
  • 8 new twitter followers (0.12% of impressions, 2.07% of engagements)
  • 18 visits (0.28% of impressions, 4.66% of engagements)
  • 7 mailing list sign ups (0.11% of impressions, 1.81% of engagements, 38.88% of visits)
  • 3 new beta users (0.04% of impressions, 0.7% of engagements, 16.66% of visits)

To put this into perspective. The introduction tweet had 21 likes and 14 retweets. We got there with a Twitter following of ~1300, split across Timo (18), Jordan (~800) and me (~480).

This means a whole bunch of people have now seen Timo. That's more than any day since the the v1 launch.

The numbers afterwards are low. But they're far from disappointing.

Timo is a niche product. More niche than other task lists, and other time trackers. It solves a specific problem, and we talk about it in a specific way.

We have a conversion rate of ~16% from visitor to user, and a conversion rate of ~38% from visitor to mailing list sign up. That is awesome. And keeping our conversion rate that high would be something special.

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