Kain Owen Strength & Fitness Coaching

Being new to the block, Kain needed a brand identity and accompanying blog to establish himself as a strength trainer with serious credentials. I created just that.

Understanding the client’s needs

I worked alongside Kain to explore his ambitions and better understand the requirements of the brand. I began extensive research into similar brands, exploring the aesthetics to match Kain’s ambitions.

KOSFC Moodboard

Brand development

With any new brand, trust issues are a concern. I created an identity with a traditional aesthetic to do away with these issues, while conveying exactly what Kain’s work is all about: strength.

Early brand development work

Building a web presence

To showcase his expertise and increase the reach of the brand, I created Kain a blog, taking a content-first approach. While Kain began writing content, I started by creating a style guide, with the aim of ironing out the typography and other details early.

See the pattern library on codepen

Developing the blog

I chose Tumblr for it’s simplicity, content focus and already established fitness audience as the blog's platform, and set about developing a fully responsive theme, with a mobile-first approach.

Visit the blog

Within the first meeting with Rich he seemed to grasped exactly what I wanted and the image I was trying to create with my business. He promptly set about getting some designs together and pretty much nailed it on the first shot.

He was professional when he needed to be but never overly formal. He went out of his way to not only get the final product together on time but also to help me understand areas of branding and marketing that were new to me. Finally he put together a beautiful, professional looking brand that encompassed everything that felt important to me.

Kain Owen Personal Trainer